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  • This Cloud software allows you to:

    1. Sort by Odds (What Odds?)
    2. Match Odds Market
    3. Under Over 2.5 Market
    4. Correct Score Market
    5. All live Betfair Odds.
    6. And sort by Stats
    7. Combined Goals Scored and Goals Conceded
    8. Combined scores Over 2.5
    9. And Both Teams To Score
    10. World wide match coverage
    11. Results available straight after match

Bet in these TEN MARKETS:

  • Match Odds

  • Under/Over .5

  • Under/Over 1.5

  • Under/Over 2.5

  • Under/Over 3.5

  • Both Teams To Score

  • Correct Score

  • Double Chance

  • Draw No Bet

  • Halftime/Fulltime

Do you want to bet inplay on Football, but don't or can not sit around waiting?

And imagine a busy Saturday sfternoon, looking at all the matches at half time to see if there is a betting opportunity.


Using the Bank To a Solid and Full Effort.

With X Factor Staking, it looks at getting the best return with the least possible risk.

Some methods will have you betting 1% of the bank, great, but you have a lot

of money not working.

And why so little staking from the bank?

Because we try to preserve it from the enviable losing streak, that we all know is coming

just not when.

X Factor staking is designed to get the very best return from the bank.

And preserve it at the same time, from the losing streaks.

In Windows Version Or Cloud Format



Football Betting Betfair Bot.

Covers the Main Markets

Two staking Methods.

6 Strategies can be used at the same time.

Links stats and prices to get the best option to bet.

Can bet small stakes if you like.

Easy to use and runs by itself.

Enjoy betting Football Hands Free.



Have Prayers Been Answered?

If you are one of these people.

  • Small change bettor. ( £1.00 or $1.00)

  • Like to bet more than one horse in a race.

  • Like to sort the field before you bet?

  • Yes even back one horse for small stake.

  • Bet a dutch plus add insurance.

  • Like Dutching in favourite order.

  • Like Dutching but want it easy to do!

  • How about dutching in the place market?

Now you can see the Price Movements on the Greyhound Markets
In UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

On your PC, Tablet or Phone.

The great thing is that you can set the 6 time intervals to record the prices.

For example, you could if doing horses look at 60 minutes, 45 minutes, 30 minutes, 15 minutes, 10 minutes and 5 minutes. And the software records the prices at those times and gives you a reading of the price or moarket movement of the horse and now greyhound.

Obviously with the dog markets forming later, the time frames need to be adjust to cover a shorter time frame.

We have looked at short ones like 6 minutes, 5 minutes, 4 minutes 3 minute, 2 minutes and 1 minutes. 

You get the price and or market movements ratings.


Why use this type of Approach?

Simple: Big RETURNS on low stakes and low odds are really possible.

Turning £2.00 in £78.00 on four bets with low odds like 2.50 is possible.

And it is available to you now, with this Fortune In Four Bot.

See the exotic betting video at the bottom of this page.

What's more we show you dont need to win every leg to make a profit!

Remember why you started betting?

Most likely the make big money from low staking!

This is the TOOL.

2021 New Deluxe Easy Bet Bot

Since releasing the Easy Bet Bot in 2017, it has served our clients well with 100's using it daily.

Great wait FANTASTIC news....

We have now made some COOL additions to the bot, to make a new Deluxe option.

1. Almost all Betfair Markets are now available. So from the 4 we have in Easy Bet to much much more.

Baseball, Basket Ball, Cycling, AFL, NRL NFL,Snooker, Egames, plus horses, dogs, Football, Cricket...plus plus.

2. A Live odds Dutching floating interface, that covers all the sports.

3. Excel import and export option for Horses. Dogs and Football (soccer). So this really speeds up the input process if you are making lots of bets.

4. Great new fast Dutching interface has also been added, so you can dutch not only horses and dogs, but also all other sports.


The Spreadsheet that gives the EDGE.

Australian and New Zealand Racing.


These are powerful ratings in price 

format, and also allow powerfull

dutching combinations..


The Spreadsheet that gives the EDGE.

Australian Greyhound Racing.

Rating are in Prices so easy to spot great valued dogs.

Plus A Great Dutching Opportunity also.

UK and Irish Punters, you can play the Australian Dogs


Are you Ready?

We have the secret recipe of football winning and that is also steady and reliable.

These methods are so SIMPLE childs play really, even a 5-year-old can also do it.

Lot of football bettors don’t look at the worldwide soccer at all, even if they do, they don’t look at the matches from the lenses of stats and price they should in order to make money.

Finding success is like finding pattern and then REPEAT that pattern over and over. Do the same thing steadily with no mistakes.


Is 100% Certainty Possible?


But  Football-ATM is the next best thing.

It is very close indeed to the magic "certainty",

having achieved a strike rate of around 97% during testing and development.

*** You need Access To Betfair to use Football ATM ****

Click Here For More


When this Amazing System was first published,

it was when there was no TABs, no off course legal bookies (only SP bookies).

No exchanges, if fact betting was very limited.

But yet the system still worked.

The standard heading they used was..

"Turn £20 into £100,000 in 5 years."

Each week in the newspapers, you would see the ads, with all the winners listed for the past few weeks.

It really was the major system that was advertised.

Fast forward 74 years to 2022 and it is so so much easier to use,

plus with modern tools it is a snap to use now, fast, convenient and rewarding.

LayPro88 Staking and Software
LayPro 88 software


This is a laying method (laying horses to LOSE.)

Fact: 88% strike rate over the years!


We hear a lot about pro punters, full time gamblers.

They are not mythical they do exist.

These are people who have the freedom to do as they please no boss, very little time restraints.

If you take on this system you will see by the results the owner of this system doesn't always start at a set time.

But one thing you will notice is that he wins month in and month out!

Avalanche Staking
Avalanche Staking

Ride Winning Streaks!

Preserve Bank in Losing Streaks!

Life is a journey of HIGHS and LOWS.

So is BETTING, now a staking plan that balances the EBB and FLOW.

This method, TURBO CHARGES the BANK when you are HOT..

While APPLYING the HAND BRAKE when YOU are NOT so HOT!

Now in Online Software and Spreadsheet.


There are patterns in tennis matches, and if you know these patterns before a match between two players start that is a huge advance, in Smart Tennis Trading. You will get the patterns that will definitely give you the edge.

Imagine if you know what price a player will be if he wins the current game, and if he wins the current set.

This is the sort of things that often are not obvious in other sports. They are red markers in tennis, markers that you can bank on


But using the Selection Methods you can expect around a 70% Strike Rate overall.

This is the second biggest betting pools, next to Match Odds.

Another advantage of OU betting is that you will find Betfair prices are often well over 1.50, and even 2.0 - somewhat better than the place prices of horses rated at evens for the win.

What is on offer with the OU 2-5 Software Suite?

  • Two Selection Methods

  • TDR calculator

  • Correct Score dutch book calculator

  • Double/ Treble Multibet calculator

  • Online manual with videos

Special Factor interface excel

The Two Aims:

1. To defeat the long losing runs, which is the stumbling block of many systems.

2. To enable higher stakes, than were previously used, to be placed to play up winners and winning runs in the knowledge that long losing runs would not cause the system to fail.

Hence, " Make Hay While The Sun Shines, BUT Save For a Rainy Day!"


What does the software do?

It is available to use anywhere you go.

Yes, whether you have Android, iphone, ipad, mac, windows.

You can access the Retirement Staking Plan right away, at the track, the TAB, bookies, fishing, playing golf. Or having a beer with a mate.

The software is available where ever you have an internet connection.

Free Staking Software (Backing) Suits Sports, horses and Dogs


This is a Backing Staking software.

TDR is a Target recovery plan.

With a Turbo charged Profit Delta add.

So if you bet horses, dogs or Sports

Then this is it.

Use Bookies, TAB, Betfair NO PROBLEM.

Click Here Software is FREE!


You will learn about every possible soccer market in this manual and see trader’s POV (Point of View) on why, when and how they trade in these markets.

Trading strategies related to following markets have been discussed in detail

  1. Full time Match odds
  2. Half time Match odds
  3. Over Unders
  4. Correct Score
  5. And Many other markets

Anyone that thinks they have a 100% guaranteed method to win on every football match in my opinion is either exceptionally talented beyond anything we have seen or they are deluded.

Once a football match starts then we always have to be prepared to expect the unexpected.

Click Here


Trading you are not risking 100% of the staking, we are trading time for something to happen, and then we exit, either with a profit or a slight loss (not all the stake).

Tap into the Billions on offer in the Football Market.

This money is there for the person that knows how to harvest it, and we will show you step by step how to actually harvest some of the huge pile.

And you can start small, while you craft your trading skill, keep in mind those trading now, were once where you are now. And the only difference is they were either taught how to do it, or they used the more expense path, that being trial and expensive error.

You don't have to be a trail blazer, the path is there you only need the gps co-ordinance to get you there so much quicker.

Click Here form more

Jockey Trainer Bot


Welcome to Jockey Trainer Bot... This is a software that allows you to follow your favourite jockeys, and trainers.

This bot bets in the Win and or Place market Backing Only.

You have the choice you can follow:

  • Jockey only

  • Trainer only

  • Jockey with certain trainer

  • Jockey if the horse is favourite (or 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,or any)

  • Trainer if horse is favourite, (or 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,or any)

  • Plus many more combos

Football Made Simple

This Football Made Simple Plan, is as the names suggests, very simple and effective.

There is not much to learn, and really it is a guide as to what you need to zero in on matches that are likely to give you the results, that you can bank on.

Chris, outlines 3 different methods, that basically have a similar critera, with a few added filters.

All in all the process to find the matches is straight forward, and he supplies you with the website you need to access the criteria used.

But as an added bonus, we will be supplying one month access to one of our softwares (web based), that makes all the process lighting fast.

There are no video's to watch, it really is that simple to use, and yes you will be up and running with 30 minutes of recieving the information.

Easy Football Profits

Easy Football Profits.

This is a guide on how to rate matches, and then how to bet them.

Plus we spoon feed you for 2 months with the selections to bet.

In the first 39 days of public release, 80 Points profit.

This is Laying Football.


Football-10 Software

This is a powerful staking software.

In fact it has 10 separate software within the one.

Every wanted to bet 3 football matches, but got brain freeze on how much to stake on each.

This is only a small part the software can do.

Every football punter can benefit from this software.


Auto Profit Soccer Deluxe Software

This software, bets Back, Lay and Dutching.

It allows up to 120 matches can be played.

This is a set and forget software.

Bets automatically into Betfair.

This will really change the way you bet.


Saw Deluxe for Horses

I just really love this software, I have been running several copies since the release in May 2016.

And why wouldn't I as it has really made good money for me and the users.

Bank for Laying doubles, and backing up 2 fold in 10 months.

Plenty to look at click below.