Hi...Glad you found us. PUMPKIN disease is RAMPANT.. especially amongst horse punters. Sports bettors are not exempt either.

What is this insidious disease?


It is where completely rational people (stable) in normal life, do absolutely STUPID things when betting. This rears its UGLY HEAD usually after a few losing bets.

It is soul destroying, and a huge HEALTH RISK to the punter and those dependent on the person concerned.

Now The Good News..

This does not need to TERMINAL. You can get your betting back to a sane (sustainable) level.

Most punters (bettors), have suffered the Pumpkin head shame! It's where you have a few losing bets and then BAM... after losing £2.00 bets... iIMMEDIATELY JUMP ONTO... £10 or £20 BETS.

And you have seen the movie.. ANOTHER LOSS. Dishearted, the punter kicks the ground (read hits the TV, kicks a chair), head spins and betting hopefully ends for the day.

Or worse another PUMPKIN HEAD bet. The death of the bettingbank is near...Goodbye bettingbank.

It can stop, and stop today!

Those who suffer most from this disease are people who don't record their bets

 and who have no staking plans.

Their selections are usually solid, but the losses of their normal selections are often followed with a bet on a horse or team they would not normally bet.

Plus they are under some illusion that the next race or game is the last ever and have to get all their losses back in the next (very last ever) race/match.

If that is you, STOP doing IT !!

The sun will come up the next day (has done for thousands of years), and there will be more races and matches.

What can HELP YOU?

1. Write the bets down and record the results (money management), also lets you see where you are winning and losing.

2. Have a target to win for the day, also have a target that will stop you betting for the day (Stop Loss).

3. Get a staking software like our TDR PREMIUM, it will keep track of the bets, plus set a target to win and a stop loss.



Target - Delta - Recovery: Staking Software

This is a Windows-based software. So if your device does not have Microsoft Windows then sorry -- this is no good for you.

But if you do have Windows, then you are good to go.

This software has the object of Target staking, and it has a Delta profit target, and a recovery plan with a stop loss.

Plus it allows for the commission of betting exchanges, or you can use bookies instead.

Best to have a look at the video of it below and then we will explain the workings.

This software is designed to stop the PUMPKIN HEAD scenario.



Here is an example of what TDR is capable of.

This is the P/L situation after 11 days of testing, debugging and fine-tuning.

24.29% Return On Investment.



The Target was 1 unit with Delta of 0.1.

In this instance we were betting on Australian horse race favourites. Based on this experience,  our suggestion is NOT TO BET ANYTHING UNDER $3.

Outlays escalate if you do.

If you have a sound selection system or access to a sound selection service then use that, of course. But still stick with the $3 minimum price.

The 2 unit loss on day 2 was simply because we had an unexpected visitor, and races were over by the time we could start again.


What can TDR DO, let's LOOK inside!



1. Target: This is the amount we would like to win when we hit a winner. So if you are aiming at £5.00 or $5.00 as your target, then the software works out what is needed to be bet in order to win that much profit.

So if the winner comes after 3 bets, then you will win £5.00 or $5.00. However, we have a turbo boost to help improve the return -- this is Profit Delta.

2. Profit Delta (PD): This is an amount we look at winning extra that is added to every losing bet. For example if we are using the £/$5.00 target we would recommend around 10% PD, so in this case a .50p or cents as the PD.

3. Commission: If you are using exchanges (Betfair) then the exact commission can be added to the bet. By allowing for commission when making the bet the desired target and PD are met. If using bookies or TAB then you would set commission at zero.

4. Stop Loss: This is the amount you are prepared to loss before you bail out of the series. Only you know what you are comfortable with as a Stop Loss.

5. Target Met: Once you have a winning bet, then the software will restart with the original Target.



TDR PREMIUM Interface.

This is what the software looks like.

It can store 20 different Plans. So you can have a series of Plans for Dogs, Horses, Football, AFL, NRL, Snooker, different tracks, or jockeys, or individual horses.

It also has the Australian Tracks and Betfair commission rates per state/Type of racing as they all have different commissions on Betfair.

(see video above for this feature.)

The manual is available on the Help button.

This software is suitable for all countries.

The "+" allows the software to sit on top of the desktop so it does not disappear when navigating other pages.

How does the staking work? Watch the staking video below.


If you click on the Australian Horse/Dog button you get access to the menu that will tell you the commission rates for each state and code.

Plus it shows you all the tracks in case you don't know which state the track is located.

Commissions range in Australia from 6% to 10%. But Premium TDR lets you QUICKLY LOOKUP and enter the EXACT commission for that event. That means you will minimise outlays and maximise  returns.

If you click on then Australian Tracks you get the table of tracks by states. Below is the Greyhound Tracks.

Below is the summary the software produces:

Plan 1 we are using in this example NSW horse racing (Betfair commission 10%).

  • 4 bets made, horses between 3.00 and 4.50, 25% strike rate, 34.4% ROI

Plan 2 we are using Victoria horse racing (Betfair commission 6%)

  • 5 bets made, horses between 3.00 and 4.50, 20% strike rate, 31% ROI

Plan 3 we are using WA horse racing (Betfair commission 8%)

  • 4 bets made, horses between 3.00 and 4.50, 25% strike rate, 44.6% ROI

Keep in mind you make the plans to suit your needs, sports, dogs or horses.



Staking Process Video.






Early Feedback.

Jean-Marc loves it sooo much he sent another Testimonal




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