Stop At A Winner Software Upgrade

Thanks for all the feed back on the SAW (Stop A At Winner Bot). We are nearly finished with the upgrades which make this software very powerful. Upgrades are.
  • Place Market Added
  • Top 5 Favourites added
  • 10 Tabs, so you will not miss a race
  • Profit Delta added for backing options.
  • Non Handicap and Handicap races can now be separated.
  • Dutch Backing is also added.
  • Mexican Wave added
This as I say is nearly finished the beta testing (banking some nice profits). If you buy the software now before we release the UPGRade you can still get it for £99.97, and get the upgrade as soon as it is released. Or wait for the release and paid the £129.97 so, you are warned. See it here Click Here newinterfacesaw2 Thanks Steve Davidson

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