Staking Software

Staking soft can make a big different to your betting returns.
But remember even the best staking plans can not make money on a poor selection method.
20software spread-5

Profit Multiplier.

This is an excel driven analyser to plot the best way to bet your short price bets.

Suits any punter that bets Football, Tennis etc where the prices are close to Evens.

You need excel on your PC to use this product.

Lay Cover Staking

As the name suggests, if you are a layer, then this software will suit you.

This staking software is IMPORTANT if you want to gain a Betting Advantage.

Also, the Price will not last long.. so that is the URGENT part.

Planning in your staking is very IMPORTANT

Spread 5

Spread-5 is perfect for controlling your outlay.

Simply plug in how much you want to spend on any race or sporting event -- the software does the rest.

Nothing fancy. Spread5 is  a simple -- but very effective -- software that allows you to bet more than one horse (up to 5 with this) per race. And you make a profit if any of the horses win.


Compound Magic PRO

If you have not seen the power of Compound Magic, please watch the 12 minute video below.

Now I know in this age, 12 minutes is a long time. But it will be worth it.

You will see that with a modest £20.00 start, you can turn low prices of 2.7, 2.1, 2.3, 1.8 and 2.4 -- just  5 bets --  into nearly £500.00 profit, or 2,480% Return on Investment.

Maria 5

If you have been on Betfair or any other exchanges, no doubt you have laid horses, dogs or sports teams -- even card games.

Chances are you did really well for the first few bets.


Nothing fancy. Dutch5 is just a simple software that allows you to bet more than one horse (up to 5 with this) and make a set profit if any of the horses win.

It works for any currency such as GBP, Dollars, Euros, or any other currency based on 100 parts to a whole unit.



Wouldn't you just love to win every bet?
Of course that is everyone's dream -- no doubt it's yours too!

Well, I cannot promise exactly that. 

But how about for every two bets you have, you are guaranteed one will win your profit target?

I can promise that.


We are really happy to offer you this "Swiss Army Knife of Staking softwares".

Whilst called "Football - 10", this software can be used in other sports like Basketball, Rugby, AFL, NRL and more.

Plus Horses and Dogs, Tool 10 can be used.

Bet Enforcer

I have often said "it's often not the selections that lose you money. Mostly the way you stake the selections".

With Bet Enforcer software, it controls the amount you bet on the selections. It brings management into your betting activities.