Michelle Payne,wins Longines Equestian woman of the Year after her 2015 Melbourne Cup win

No woman jockey had won the Melbourne Cup in it’s 153 year history, until 3rd November, 2015 and she did it on a 100/1 shot. This woman is simply amazing, having been born into a racing family (10 kids), and losing here mother when she was 6 months old. All but two of the ten kids, became jockeys, raised by their dad a jockey himself and trainer. She has now become the first female jockey to win the Longines Equestian Woman of the year. And also the subject of a movie on her. She was sacked by the owners of Prince of Penzance, after she had a really nasty fall in May 2016, and they were of the opinion that she was not fit enough to ride. Not only was she fit to ride, she gained a trainers licence and now trains and rides winners. Here is a video overview of Michelle Payne showing the 2015 Melbourne Cup, and interviews with her after the race, and you will see why I admire this woman and here views.   To read more on this fine woman Click Here Thanks for dropping by Steve

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