Is he the best modern day Jockey?

Joao Moreira rides record eight winners in one day at Sha Tin (Hong Kong)

March 5th, 2017,
8 winners from 10 rides.

This is not the first time he has ridden 8 winners on a day, once in his homeland Brazil, and in Singapore he rode 8 and then his next ride the next meeting another winner so that was 9 in a row.

Moreira’s admirers claim he is the world’s best rider in that unwinnable debate, but he laid out some strong arguments yesterday and a straw poll of trainers couldn’t even agree on what makes him so great.

Since April 2016 to end of February 2017 he had at least one winner for every Hong Kong meeting he rode. The week before his 8 winners, was the first meeting in 11 months, he had missed riding a winner, didn't he make up for it.

In this video we hear from this humble Brazilian, the jockey they call the "The Magic Man"

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