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Lay The Draw Software

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Cashflow Football (World Leagues)


Cashflow Football (World Leagues)

HOW TO GO FROM £10 trades TO £100 TRADES in 60 DAYS

You can see how Cashflow Football will allow you to start with a small bank and in 60 days, have those trades up to £100 ones. Want to see the PROOF?

Smart Soccer Trading


25 Tutorials Video .

If you have ever wanted to trade soccer,

but never known how, this is what you need

see what these 25 video’s show you.


Sports Trading Strategies

Sports Trader (Bible)

Betfair Success Formula

Sports-Trader-eBook-321x321 large

Strategy Guide

The Strategies Tony uses to succeed

This book looks at the strategies use to succeed trading sports on Betfair.

15 strategies for use on Football, Cricket, Racing (both horse and hound), Tennis, Motor Racing & Rugby.

Sports Trader: –   This book covers the A-Z of what to do to replicate how Tony does his business. It looks at his research, strategy, risk management, discipline, psychology, handling losses and also covers all types of strategies which he uses in football, cricket, tennis and most major sporting markets.

The old back’em approach is now not the only game in town.

If you are still trying to bash the bookies… get real!

We are in a betting age that is changing fast, and you need to look at different doors in order to make money betting.


It’s Called The “World’s Game”, and most of the World Bet on it!

Soccer or Football (depends where you live.)

The Round ball game…

If we can show you how you can profitable Trade this Great Game would you be interested?

And if we can remove a lot of the RISK, would that be GREAT?

Got You Attention!

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