Backing Football Software and Systems


If you are interested in Football (soccer).

Then grab this FREE pdf, with some revealing methods.


Auto Profit Soccer Deluxe.

This is an Auto Betting software.

You can Back or Lay with this amazing software.

It operates with Betfair.

Can cover 120 games .

Value Plus Soccer


Value Plus Football.

We'll be making three bets per day - two singles and one double.  Between the three bets we're looking at a profit of anywhere between 3-30 points per day.  Even if two bets lose and just one single wins, we can still turn out a small profit. 

You can use the bookies and or Betfair, we ARE NOT LAYING any matches it is all backing only.

This is as I said above is a very simple method to implement and you will get the results we get.


If you bet £5.00 a bet, you would have made £5,040 profit in the 15 months.

And if you bet £10 a bet, a healthy £10,080

Now, I know what you are thinking, is it hard to get the selections? NO

Is it time consuming? NO

Will I get the same selections to bet that we do? YES

This method uses the Correct Score Method, so you can use it on the bookies, and that is where you will get the best returns.

Betfair only can now be used also.


Bet Football (soccer) all year round,

and make very good money.

10 to 15 minutes a day.

Two free websites is all you need.

O Yes and the emanual and some bookie accounts.

Betting favourites.. It is as Easy as 1,2,3


We give you the formula and the two websites you need to replicate the results.

Now you don't have to bet every day if you don't want to it is entirely up to you.

As if you want to put in a little extra work you may get more bets, but hey, this system it about fun and profit.