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Stop At A Winner Software Upgrade

Thanks for all the feed back on the SAW (Stop A At Winner Bot). We are nearly finished with the upgrades which make this software very powerful. Upgrades are. Place Market Added Top 5 Favourites added 10 Tabs, so you will not miss a race Profit Delta added for backing options. Non Handicap and Handicap races can now be separated. Dutch Backing is also added. Mexican Wave added This as I say is nearly finished the beta testing (banking some nice profits). If you buy the software now before we release the UPGRade you can still get it for £99.97, [...]

Auto Profit Soccer gets a 2016 Update, more options

Hi, January 2016, we have listened to the early subscribers, and added new features and improved others. PS bot 1.45 upgrade We released first upgrade for APS bot on 4th Jan 2016 right after two months from launch on 28 Oct 2015. We are excited by client’s feedback on APS bot so far. We have incorporated most of the features which our clients have requested in the next upgrade so far. We plan to release next upgrade (if required) probably around mid-year 2016. Let’s get into details on what we have added in the latest version for APS bot. (APS [...]